Help with grove parts

Dear all,

I am searching for the following parts: Grove - Mech Keycap and Grove - RGB LED Stick (20-WS2813 Mini)

Here are the links:

I will appreciate any kind of help.

Thanks a lot.

There doesn’t appear to be a part for either. I’ll look at the key cap, the led strip can probably be simulated with this one (it lacks a grove connector though) found by a google search of the form “fritzing part rgb led strip” which is the best way to search for parts.


Here is a part for the key switch. Note pcb view suppressed as not useful.

seeed-grove-mech-keycap.fzpz (4.8 KB)


Thanks for the mech part.
As I am beginner can I please get your help with the Grove - RGB LED Stick (20-WS2813 Mini), I dont know how to add the grove into it. Thanks a lot

Easy enough to do. This should do what you want. Note it has no pcb view as it isn’t useful.

seeed-grove-rgb-led-strip.fzpz (14.2 KB)