Help with gerber export


ISSUE SOLVED, thanks vanepp and opera_night!

Good day everyone

My Fritzing crashes every time I try to export to a Gerber file. image

Could anyone try to do this and see if the program allows you to? Here’s the .fz fileProyectoElectronicaReporteFinal.fzz (33.8 KB)

Thanks in advance!


No problem on Mac (OSX Sierra)… all Gerber’s exported.


No problem on Windows either, the gerbers look fine (for some incomplete value of fine):

The board doesn’t necessarily look complete or correct though. The bridge rectifier lacks a ground, the positive output of the rectifier goes to the output terminal of the voltage regulator (rather than the input as I would expect.) The op amp appears to have no negative power lead, and is tied to the inverting input which is not likely correct. All that said, since the fzz works on our machines, your likely problem is either a corrupted Fritzing installation or database corruption. If you haven’t already try reloading Fritzing on your machine from the distribution zip file. If that doesn’t work, then try clearing the user files (they are not affected by reloading the Fritzing program.) If this is the only sketch you have, then just resetting the user files and reloading the .fzz file should fix it. If you have custom parts you would need to export them as fzpz files and then re import them after clearing the user files. You can test this by just renaming your current user directories (Fritzing will create new ones and use them.) If you copy your current directories back to the names they had, Fritzing will then use them again. Here are the instructions for clearing the user files:

There are two user directories (with your parts and the parts database) which don’t get touched during an install (to not affect your sketches during upgrades). On Windows they are in

c:\users\username\AppData\Fritzing\roaming\Fritzing (which is a hidden directory so you need to enable hidden directories in explorer) and

c:\Users\username\My Documents\Fritzing (where username is your windows id)

If you don’t have any parts or sketches you want to keep you can just delete those two directories and Fritzing will recreate them, or you can move them aside by renaming them if you wan to keep something in them.






There may also be a part missing in the .fzz file (which may be why it works for us):

should there be a part in the hole circled in red on the left? The circle on the right indicates the unconnected bridge rectifier negative lead. If there is a missing part that may be your problem. If you upload the .fzpz file for the missing part I will have a look at it.


Thanks a lot, Peter!

It was indeed a corrupted Fritzing installation, everything works fine now. Should have checked that earlier. Your response was of great help, I wanted to keep the custom parts I had, so that helped me out a lot too.

Issue resolved :slight_smile: