Help with First PCB design

Hello I am hoping to build this for Halloween it is the electronics for a Light saber I am hoping to make it

I am new to electronics and not well versed in it so please try to use plain english with me

I build the PCB with a Program called Fritzing which shows you 3 different views how it looks on a breadboard, How it looks on a Schematic and how it looks on a PCB

Below is a list of the Parts I have and a copy of the fritzing file

1 RGB LED (com. cathode, rgb) pin order rgb; rgb RGB; polarity common cathode; package 5 mm [THT]

1 Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL335 axes 3 (x, y, z); chip ADXL

1 Arduino Nano (Rev3.0) type Arduino Nano (3.0)

1 Rotary Encoder package THT; type ALPS STEC12E07

1 Pushbutton package [THT]

1 Tilt Switch package THT; tilt mechanism Mechanical Ball

1 Loudspeaker

1 microSD Socket package Molex 502774-0891 [SMD]; type microSD

1 SPX29302 features LDO; current 3A; package q5-dd_spx29300

1 Battery block 9V voltage 9V

LightSaber.fzz (45.7 KB)

Since you are creating your own PCB, you really should look into using an IC instead of a microcontroller. For example, look at how to program either the atmega328 (which the UNO uses) or any other chip that has digital outputs and analog inputs. -

Or if you would like and are able, to use an ATtiny45 or ATtiny85, you can use the board I have up on oshpark -

Second, look into creating your own voltage regulating circuit, instead of using a separate board for this. Take a look at using an L7805CV for a 5V circuit.

IMHO you have a little ways to go before you can start thinking or asking for help with the PCB design if you are using all the pre-manufactured modules. I am far from an expert, but even at my limited level of experience, you need to eliminate some parts of this design to move forward in the way you want.

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Since I can only post two links since I am still new, here is the link I wanted to send for the L7805CV -

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I was going to use a atmega instead of the nano