Help with E10 light bulb holder needed

Dear Fritzingers:)

I am currently developing a pcb in fritzing that involves an E10 light bulb holder. By googling I found this very promising part:

…this is the part:
bulb_holder_E10_with_base.fzpz (11.2 KB)

This bulb holder part from github is almost exactly what I need. I just need one little extra for the pcb view:
The original part from github shows the bulb holder in pcb view only as a little 2-pin-header. But what I need in pcb view is actually two solder pads for the bulb holder. If you look at the part in breadboard view you can see the parts’ two “legs”, with the holes inside:


… or as a real part:


For those “legs” I need solder pads in the pcb view, which correspond to the actual true dimensions of the e10 bulb holder. Just like this:


The dimensions are:


I would be so glad if anyone out there could edit the original github part so that it provides solder pads in pcb view as described:)

Thanks, Jagup

This part should do what you want.

bulb_holder_E10_with_base-pcb-modified.fzpz (7.0 KB)


Hi @vanepp, this is exactly what I need. Thank you very much!

By importing this in my project, I just realised that I also need this part for soldering a switch onto the pcb, just with slightly different dimensions. Could you do this little modification again, with these dimensions?


Thank you, Jagup

This part should do what you want.

E10-switch.fzpz (37.3 KB)

Note in order to get the hole in the left tab you need to drag a hole in to the sketch from the core parts pcb section like this

set the size appropriately in Inspector and drag it over the hole in silkscreen to get the hole drilled in pcb (assuming you want the hole …)


Thank you so much Peter!

Hey @vanepp Peter=),
I have another question regarding the E10 light bulb part. The DRC seems to be not happy with it:

Do you have an idea what causes this?

Thank you, Jakob

It looks like you have dragged holes in to the part (which aren’t needed.) The bulb already has the holes

and passes DRC. Adding holes will cause the DRC error as the parts overlap. The switch needs a hole as it is SMD and DRC will complain in DRC (which can be ignored as it won’t hurt anything)

as the hole is overlapping the top pad but is within the copper and thus fine.


Thank you for your quick reply.

Hmm, i am a little bit confused now because I did not add any holes in to the part, at least not intentionally. What kind of holes were you thinking of? Holes from the core parts on the right hand side oder holes in the part editor layer?

Thank you

I tried the following for testing:

  • delete everything in myname/Documents/Fritzing/

  • delete trash

  • restart fritzing

  • import the original github-part-with-unmodified-pcb via inspector/import
    → DRC works

  • repeat the above steps with modified part
    → DRC fails

I am on Mac OS 10.12.6 and Fritzing 0.9.3

Then DRC shouldn’t be failing. Can you upload the sketch that fails DRC (the .fzz file)? Upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu.


Yes, sure:

bulb_fails.fzz (8.1 KB)

For me on Fritzing 1.0.2 on Win10 your sketch works as expected:

Try moving the part in pcb and see if another part appears in the sketch (it shouldn’t, it should be in the .fzz, if it was there, but it may be worth a try.)


Okay, interesting!

Try moving the part in pcb and see if another part appears in the sketch

When I move the bulb part to another position after the DRC has finished, there are always two red holes remaining at the bulbs’ original position where the DRC had taken place.

In this example I have let the DRC run three times and then moved the bulb away afterwards:

Skjermbilde 2024-02-06 kl. 22.17.59

It seems that Fritzing sees holes in the bulbs’ connectors?!

I think that is normal DRC operation. If you don’t clear the DRC report it will leave the red circles on the next DRC run. Here I added a hole to cause a DRC error then moved the lamp and it has left the red circle on the hole. The question is why you are getting DRC errors when I am not!

with the bulb at its new position DRC operates correctly. Note I dismissed DRC and the red circle on the hole is gone.

and DRC now works correctly (at least for me!)

I don’t know why DRC is breaking for you as the part appears to be correct.


Yeah, that’s truly weird. Unfortunately, updating Fritzing is not really an option for me at the moment, because my OS is old and 0.9.3 seems to be the latest fritzing that runs on it.

Thinking about the error it might have something to do with the new graphic in pcb view. Because the old graphic from the github page worked drc-wise.

Yes it looks to be a 0.9.3b issue, for me the part does the same on 0.9.3b:

you can ignore the DRC error as the gerbers are correct as expected

so even with DRC error it should still work fine. If you are on Win7 I believe 0.9.10 is the last version that will work. I just checked and DRC passes on 0.9.10 so the bug was fixed somewhere after 0.9.3b.


Okay, thats good news, thank you for checking all that.