Help to Autoroute

please help me autoroute these from schematic

Schematic Diagram2.fzz (247.5 KB)

Autorouting won’t do you any good, the schematic is likely wrong. First a couple of your parts are broken (at least on Fritizng 1.0.2) so I corrected them.

the solar panel and controller don’t render correctly (although I’m fairly sure they do on 0.9.3b which they were created on which indicates a bug in Fritzing 1.0.2 which I will verify and report.) So I replaced them with corrected parts in this sketch

Schematic Diagram2-fixed.fzz (245.6 KB)

but there are still problems I think

the corrected parts are circled in green here. The battery connection from the solar controller is intended to go to a battery which it is intended to charge not a boost converter as it does in the schematic and thus I think this won’t work. You should also move the parts in schematic around to make schematic more readable to be sure the schematic is correct. Then in pcb you need to increase the size of the base pcb from this

to this so all the parts will fit on pcb

then you need to add three position headers to connect to the relay board (which because it is screw terminals has no connections in pcb and thus needs holes to put the wires in!)

in schematic you need to connect them like this in order to make the appropriate connections in pcb. You need to size and place the parts in pcb view depending on the amount of space you have, we can’t do it for you. Use the sketch above so that you have the corrected parts (the parts themselves are available in the temp parts bin with the sketch loaded and can be saved by right clicking on the part in the temp parts bin and choosing “export part” which will write the .fzpz file to the file system.)