Help, reverse engineer PCB to schematic

i’d like to redraw a pcb to create a schematic from it. Therefore i scanned double layer pcb an want to place that image as underlay for my component placement and redraw of lanes.
But i can’t find any way to place the jpeg. Can anybody help?

You might be able to convert it to a .svg and just import it as a logo, but there might be scaling problems.

If you only need the SCH view just have the pic open and copy it roughly in PCB view, and then go in and add the links in SCH view until it’s neat.

I already made the image bilevel (black and white only) so it was worth a try to convert it to paths using Inkscape. And i must admitt that it does its work very well.
Now, the next challenge is to place those as non pcb layers (maybe as silk or such), position SMD components, vias and pads. Is fritzing able to connect the components if i redraw the lanes, in a way that results in a schematic?

Yes if you make the connections in pcb they will translate across as rats nest lines to schematic. However you will have to route the lines between the component leads (and add vias) in pcb after placing the necessary parts (and getting your svg in to the silkscreen layer, presumably one layer at a time) all of which are going to be a fair bit of work. I suspect Old_Grey is correct that you would be better to just place the components in schematic and make the connections based on the traces in pcb.


I have done something similar where I had a pic open on one monitor and FZ open on the other, and just copied the PCB. Like Van said, once you have the PCB looking like the pic all the parts will be in SCH view but connected with ratsnests, so you just have to make it neat and add the traces(lanes).

The first problem I see with adding a pic is scale, because it has to be scaled perfectly before you add it because FZ can’t internally scale. Also if you don’t have experience with making circuits in FZ or the circuit is complicated, you are going to have problems.