Help me! TSSOP-8 question

Hello. I am a beginner in pcb design.
My question is about the TSSOP-8 package, I can’t find it anywhere and I need it for my design.

Could you tell me where I can find it?

Start Fritzing then drag a generic IC (which happens to be 8 pins by default) in to the sketch:

the footprint is currently dip, but in Inspector you can change that to tssop like this:

which gets you a tssop 20, so change the number of connections (again in Inspector) to 8 to get the tssop-8 footprint like this:

you should then check the generated footprint actually matches the chip you are using before ordering boards though (there may be different versions of a tssop-8.) If that isn’t the footprint you need, then we would need to find or make an appropriate one.


Thanks, but that isn’t the footprint that i need.

If you have a data sheet with the footprint you need I will have a look around or make one if it doesn’t exist.