Help me for routing my pcb

Hi, can someone help me for reroute my pcb?
pcb.fzz (179.8 KB)

The first thing you need to do is replace the relay with a correct part.

DRC is indicating that the part is incorrect. A corrected version can be found here:

then you need to connect R3 to something as it is currently unconnected.

I would advise routing schematic and making sure the wires all go where you expect them to.


i already replace the relay and R3 already connect. There are suggestions for improvement?
pcb.fzz (170.9 KB)

Cleaning up pcb would be a good bet.

DRC (Routing->Design rules check) is currently failing and needs to be addressed. You likely need pads in pcb for the connections to the CPU assuming it will be off board as it is now, there is currently no place to connect wires to route to the CPU. In general good practice on pcb routing is traces are horizontal, vertical or 45 degrees. It is advisable to route everything (even the cpu traces to the CPU that are off board although that will break DRC) to make sure they connect correctly. As noted routing schematic to make sure that things connect where you expect them to is a good bet.


Btw, can i use Arduino Uno R3 and connect wifi module for do IOT project and control by phone?
pcb.fzz (186.3 KB)
also i dont know wiring in pcb can you do to me? Thank You

Probably with a suitable module. There may be a code size problem with a uno though.

You have a short between power and ground somewhere, and no I won’t do your homework for you, you need to do it yourself. If you click on a pin as I did here everything connected to it lights up yellow.

here indicating a short between power and ground somewhere.