Help! Installing problem!

This is my first time installing fritzing on my laptop. I downloaded the .zip file for 32bit win 7 and extract it, but there is no fritzing.exe file. Can some please help me…

Go inside the extracted files and it’s in the 2nd folder.

I see nothing. This is what the folder contains

It should be right after the translations folder (at least it is on my Win7 pro installation). I’d suggest checking the zip file via a directory listing to make sure its in the zip (and try another download if its not). I used the open source 7zip package to unzip it as the built in zip doesn’t seem to be able to extract it for me. If the .exe is in the zip file then look to your AV logs to see if it got marked as a virus (in which case you may need to shut down you AV software before installing), given everything except the exe is there, this is the most likely problem I expect.

Peter Van Epp

@vanepp I tried unzipping it using 7zip and it worked! However, when I try opening the .exe file, I have an error message

You have to install the runtime. Plenty of posts about it here.

This one is reputed to do it (I haven’t had this particular problem, but all my systems have one or more of the C runtime packages installed):

Peter Van Epp

I tried the 0.9.2 version, and it worked fine. I know that this version is buggy, but I will try to install the new version. Thanks for all of your help! :smile:

What means this “You have to installl the runtime.”? This program is incomplete and if I’m trying to use one of the three in the internet found versions of “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1.0.dll” ther is none that works! Always I got the next error (after the message of missing that file) that “ucrtbase.terminate” couldn’t be found in the file.

If I had known that the program don’t really work without external files that are nor included I hadn’t downloaded this very big zip-file. And there’s another thing: If this “fritzing” is “open source free software” then I miss the source code and am astonished about the question for donation before downloading.

For what Windows-versions is this program? I don’t use newer versions than XP and I have causes for.

Thanks, if anyon can help me with my questions and can give me tips how to make this program running. Only if it works and I’m happy with it I have a suggestion to donate for that.