Help finding part libraries - first time user


I am a new user of Fritzing and I’m trying to find a dpst rocker switch and can’t seem to find anything that’s not DPDT or SPST. Additionally the switch I’m looking for is panel-mount. I’ve been having similar issues with finding other parts; for instance, I was looking for a double pole triple throw rotary changeover cam switch and I was having a really hard time, although I assume I might have to make one of those from the part editor; so I was wondering if there’s anyone who has any advice on how to effectively find part libraries/bins online that I could download? I really feel like at least the DPST switch is a fairly common part to be using.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

My usual method is a google search of the form “fritzing part switch DPST” which indeed doesn’t turn up anything. If you provide a data sheet or web site for the switch you want it is possible to modify one of the existing parts to do what you need (making parts is not at all simple!)