Help find for Arduino

Hello friends, I try to use this software for Arduino projects, but I can not find:

  1. TM1637 chip or 4-digit 7-segment display
  2. simple 433Mhz receiver and transmitter
    Please help me. Maybe anyone has created them in that sophisticated program.

A google search of the form “fritzing part tm1673 display” turns up a couple of modules using this display. A search for “fritzing part 433mhz receiver” also turns up a variety of hits. If these don’t do what you need we would need a data sheet or web site of exactly the part you want.


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Yes, I really found TM1637. I wonder why it wasn’t added to the library. 433 is still a task, but I’ll figure something out. Thank you, friend!

Because no one has done the work required to add it to the parts library (including me :slight_smile: )

type 433mhz in to the forum search line and a bunch of posts come up:

the suggested google search will likely come up with more hits as not everyone posts there parts to the forums. A web site of the exact 433mhz parts you want would also be helpful. It is possible that you need a custom part or parts.