[help] DIY weather station


I’m trying to build my home weather station using an ESP8266, multiple sensors (temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and pressure). I don’t have any problem making all the wiring, but I’m not sure if my circuit will have enough current for all the sensors.

I’m away from home for a few months, so I can’t experiment with components, so I have to rely on what I see on Internet, my limited knowledge and the digital wiring made on Fritzing.

I also would like to power the ESP using a Li 18650 and solar. I’m totally new to that, I send copy/paste something I saw on Google. Experts, tell me if it’s good!

You can criticize my build, I’m here mainly to learn from my mistakes! Go ahead :slight_smile:

At a quick look it looks fine (images are a little hard for old eyes to read though!), it would be better to upload the sketch (the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) so we can see the connections in detail to provide suggestions. I’d probably use a different boost converter part if you don’t need USB output, but that won’t make much difference in the result.


Hi, first of all ESP-8266 WeMos needs 3.3V (the module you rappresented does not have voltage regulator), after this BME280 needs I2C, the I2C for ESP-8266 WeMos is:
The HMC5883L seems to have I2C too.
I suggest you to read Arduino documents regarding I2C, test them separately, download the arduino IDE and use the examples.
Of course you can interface the Arduino IDE with ESP-8266.
There are a lot of tutorial on the web about this CPU and all the alternatives.
Last but not least there are version of ESP-8266 with battery holder and charger integrated.