Help Custom part, image for view appears like a solid color rectangel

wrong SA08-11.fzpz (9.9 KB)

I used Inkscape to modify the original 7 segments display on the left (10 pins) to build a SA08-11 7 segments display with 16 pins (really it is only 13).
I followed a tutorial and when I finished and try to put the new part in the breadboard I get a solid color rectangle instead of something similar to the original 7 segments by Fritzing.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

Red square is usually that you haven’t assigned the pins yet. Go into FZ Edit an pick them in the table and select the graphic.


You are right, it was 4 pins [3,5,11,16] with the same name +VCC.

Here it is
SA08-11_16pins.fzpz (10.5 KB)

Thanks again

Now I would like to connect the footprint

I made it with inkscape, i get this error

I can’t see nothing about footprints in the suggested link

I’m using fritzing release 0.9.3b x64.

The easiest thing is for you to upload the fzpz file of your part (7th icon from the left on the reply menu). We can then look at all the files and tell you whats wrong with it. Sounds like you don’t have copper0 and copper1 layers (at least not correctly).


The PCB svg has to have special groups.
A “silkscreen” group for all lines and text.
A “copper1” group with a “copper0” group inside it with all the contact pads.