Heloo, Can some one help me identify "this" component?

Hello I am currently reworking a schenmatic, however I can’t seem to identify a specific part? Can anyone please help me? I’ll include the schematic and encircle the part unidentified. Thank you in advance.

It appears to be a tactile push button switch available in core parts.


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Thank you vanepp, for your help. I didn’t know if you saw this but this a schematic made here on fritzing, but from what I understand it was designed here almost a decade ago, (9 years). It is a midi velocity sensing pcb matrix for anyone interested. I 'm considering doing a tutorial/project on this subject of this post get ten likes. Thank you once again vanepp.

I wonder if a column of those switches are “ganged”, so that one press actuates 4 switches in sequence, allowing the time between closures to be used to determine velocity.

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Hey Micro Merlin, that is exactly how this matrix works. It was designed this way (at least to my understanding) to lessen the amount of digital i/o’s needed so it could connect to an arduino. It still needs to use shift register though. Thanks for your reply.