Hello, Help please, i need open fz file

Hello, Help please, i need open fz file
I need open fz, on android, to see scheme, for cut the smd ceramic antennas, on my notebook.

I download the file here. See my neighbor not give me to send(upload) on form SEND on forum this file. Link this file :point_down: on this youtube.

Interest what i dont find information on network how are open in android this file.

And question, haw are i can open this file?:slight_smile:
Thank you!

In general opening a .fz file (assuming it is a Fritzing .fz file) isn’t useful. It is one component of a .fzz file which can be opened by Fritzing. If you upload the .fz file here (upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) I’ll have a look at it and see if it can be useful.


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I do not think that there is a version of Fritzing for Android. You probably can not open a fritzing document there. If you want to view Fritzing information on android, you (or the person with Fritzing) need to export images of the different views. The exports will be jpeg or svg files (depending on the options choosen), which can be viewed on android.

On link screenshot upload file

I can’t find any links to any file. I’d suggest you download the .fz file and upload it to the forum.


This link on the video :slightly_smiling_face:, long description

This isn’t a Fritzing file it appears to be either a binary file or compressed

a fritzing .fzp file is xml like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<module fritzingVersion="1.0.1rc.2023-09-06.CD-1654-0-8f5f1373">
        <board moduleId="TwoLayerRectanglePCBModuleID" title="Rectangular PCB - Resizable" instance="PCB1" width="8.46667cm" height="5.64444cm"/>
        <view name="breadboardView" backgroundColor="#ffffff" gridSize="0.1in" showGrid="1" alignToGrid="1" viewFromBelow="0" colorWiresByLength="0"/>
        <view name="schematicView" backgroundColor="#ffffff" gridSize="0.1in" showGrid="1" alignToGrid="1" viewFromBelow="0"/>
        <view name="pcbView" backgroundColor="#333333" gridSize="0.1in" showGrid="1" alignToGrid="1" viewFromBelow="0"/>
        <instance moduleIdRef="TwoLayerRectanglePCBModuleID" modelIndex="5783" path=":/resources/parts/core/rectangle_pcb_two_layers.fzp">
            <property name="layers" value="2"/>
            <property name="width" value="84.66666666666667"/>
            <property name="height" value="56.44444444444444"/>
                <pcbView layer="board">
                    <geometry z="1.5" x="50" y="10"/>

so Fritzing won’t open whatever this .fz file is. You probably have to ask the creator of the video what to open the .fz file with.


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