Hello Fritzing World

Hi everyone, newbie here

I am from the Caribbean, Jamaica. W.I to be exact, I finally found where to go to learn how to produce creative designs, I am totally blank but a sponge and cant wait to start and reach to the level where I can in turn help others.


Welcome Sawboss!

I’m fairly new here too- I just recieved my first PCB I designed in Fritzing this week!

All the best, James.

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Thats awesome, i cant wait to reach where you are and received a PCB i designed. Which company printed yours?

I used Aisler, their site is really friendly to use, and you can measure your PCB, which I find really compliments Frizting as I’m not 100% sure about sizes inside the PCB part of fritzing.


Fritzing has a ruler tool to help with dimensions. Find it at the bottom of “Parts”. The recommendation is to print out at 1 to 1 scale for verify before ordering.

I might not being using it right, but I’ve not been able to measure from one place to another in a precise way, like I can in Aisler and indeed in Inkscape.

Thanks, though!

Depends what you mean by “precise”. You can not just click on 2 points and get a value back. The ruler (or multiple rulers) can be placed and moved anywhere, at any angle, then you have to read/interpolated the value from the markings. Zooming way in makes both the positioning and reading of the ruler easier. Not as convenient as using a “measure distance” tool, but it works.

To not accidentally move other things around while manipulating the ruler, it helps to lock pcb and all of the parts on it.