Heart rate sensor sen0203, grove gsr sensor, bd140 transistor, wg3166 humidifier, pam 8403 dual channel amplifier

Hello, good day to you. I was looking for several sensor schematics for fritzing. Those sensors and components are going to use in a biosensor system to detect and control human stress levels. I have been looking for all those related components and was able to found some component’s fritzing’s schematic. Could you help me to make with the rest of the components?

Heart Rate Sensor SKU SEN0203

[Grove GSR sensor]

[BD140 transistor]
(BD140 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Features & Applications - Components Info)

[WG3166A Atomizer]
(Q: atomizer module purchased from AliExpress - Project Guidance - Arduino Forum)

(5pcs 5V PAM8403 3W*2 Dual Channel Audio Amplifier Module Class D Power Volume Adjustable | Alexnld.com)

I’m a newbie, and my project involves quite a lot of components. Hopefully, I can get your help in Fritzing schematic for these 5 components and sensors. Love ya!

This set of parts should do what you want.

dfr-0203.fzpz (13.3 KB)

Makerlab-Grove-GSR-sensor.fzpz (11.8 KB)

BD140-Powertransistor.fzpz (5.3 KB)

WG3166A-Atomizer.fzpz (3.7 KB)

PAM8403-dual-audio-amp.fzpz (15.1 KB)


Thank you very very much, I’m so grateful.