Header Pin Spacing

I am trying to make a 2 row header (2x3) and I need the pins spaced 2mm apart on the columns and 4.6mm spaced on the rows. is there an easy way to do this? I am trying to make a connection on the pcb without having to make a part.

Well, there is a way to do it… In the core parts, Connections group, drag the “Generic female header-2 pins” part on to the board; Set the pin spacing at (2mm), set the Hole Diameter and Ring Thickness; You can right click on the part and select “Hide part label and Hide part silkscreen” if you like, then click Duplicate twice (2 copies). In the tool bar under View, click “Set Grid Size”; select the mm radio button and enter 4.6; now the three two pin parts will snap at 4.6mm apart. Reset the grid; hold the Ctrl button and select the three parts. The three rows of two can now be moved and rotate as a group.


Genious! Thanks Steve.