HC-12 module 433mhz (long range, 1.8km)

This is my first part.

HC-12 is a extremely powerful wireless serial port communication module.

HC-12 Module.fzpz (18.9 KB)

HC-12 Antenna.fzpz (9.3 KB)

Don’t use that download as it locks Fritzing.

.fzbz should be .fzpz

There are too many files in the fzpz, there should only be 5.

Usually when you have made a part and you have tested it working in FZ you right-click it and export it, and that is the one to post.

.fzbz is an exported bin file… in this case it is the “My Parts” bin… If imported and saved, it could wipe out your My Parts bin (.fzb). There are two sets of part files in the bin of the same part. One set is incorrect and the other set appears to be fairly correct. Nether set of files correspond with the files in the .fzp therefor neither set will load unless the files are properly named.

Sorry, as I had two parts to export, I thought it had to export as a package.

I edited the topic and put the correct files, I guess…

It appears to work OK know…

#stvz thankyou sir. it works