Having trouble with the Arduino Module and using Code

I’m currently using Fritzing to simulate my practice with my Elegoo Starter Kit, but am unsure how to simulate my code within Fritzing. Was trying to do the RGB LED lesson, which causes the RGB LED to do a “rainbow cycle”, but have no clue how to attach the code to the arduino module in any of the views (Breadboard, Schematic, PCB)

Fritzing doesn’t support simulating Arduino code. It will allow you to load the code (via the code tab) in to a physical Arduino and run it on the physical Arduino.


Are there plans on allowing it to run Arduino code? As I just found another program (well, website, Tinkercad.com) that does it flawlessly but not as pretty/feature-filled as Fritzing…

https://i.imgur.com/XadEzUp.png This is Tinkercad, running an Arduino Code RGB program.

Not as far as I am aware. You could try making an enhancement request on github, but I expect that chances are poor, it is likely a complex project and resources are scarce.


Unfortunately I have no clue how to do that, so I guess someone else might have to instead, but I’d upvote it immediately if someone did and linked it to me

Just disappointed since I spent 8 euros to try the program out only to find it can’t do the one thing I wanted it to do…

sign in on github and open an issue (and select the enhancement option rather than the bug option) to open an enhancement request.


Thanks a ton! Posted!