Has anyone made board Romeo from DFRobot?


I am looking for the Romeo V2.2 motor controller board from DFrobot but I am unable to find it in the parts list and in the Forum via search, but there exists a youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO9-IKVNFzk) as an example where this board is used so maybe someone has already made the part?

Lars B.

That was a vid showing a png converted to a svg, and it’s from here.

Who knows if a part was ever produced, ie, he might have made it and stored it elsewhere. Do a Goo search and look for the image, and then burrow down, and maybe it’s in a Git. I found one, but it’s not the same.
I’ve got bits and pieces that someone will have to assemble into a part, but that’s going to be a last resort. Or Maybe Vanepp has one.


Yes I saw that post, but I couldn’t find any finished parts from it and also the link to the Google Drive is obsolute/broken.

I am just started using fritzing and I am very exited about it, but it would be nice to start out with a task where I don’t have to make that part myself, but if I cannot find it anywhere, I will give it a try :slight_smile:

If found this one but it’s not right, and I didn’t want to look further :slightly_smiling_face:

All I have is random part svgs left over in the FZ folders from that vid after I deleted the part - I figured I was never going to use it, and that the guy would keep the link -. If you can’t find it I can assemble the svg in a zip, but someone will have to make the control file and assign all the pins. Vanepp might have the part because he did that BB svg, we just have to wait for his internet to be fixed.

Thanks again,

I have downloaded the svg file from this link in the other post you mentioned:

If that’s the one I can try to use it, otherwise it would be nice if you would make a zip with the right svg.

I am just going to figure how to make the control file and assign the pins as you describe. I will watch vid’s on how to do it.

Thanks for your help!

I just looked at the svg’s, and they are rubbish. He just imported the BB svg into another part - this is usually how you make parts -, but never bothered doing the other views. Basically you would have to start with that BB svg, make the PCB svg, and SCH svg, import those svg’s into a part with FZ Editor, and assign pins. If you don’t need the other views, you just need to put the BB svg into a part and assign pins. It a fair amount of work, especially if you don’t know how, but maybe watch these tutorials and then decide if you want to tackle it or maybe wait and see if Vanepp can do it.

Vanepp did a text guide, but I can’t find it so you will have to look for it.

@Old_Grey, thanks for further info and help.

As soon as I have a little extra time I will try the video tutorials and see how it goes…

Thanks again.