Harness Diode question, Will 1N4001 or 1N914 work?

I’m doing my retro with e55 bi xenons, and because I’m on an h4 system, I want to make sure the low beam doesn’t cut off when the high beam is turned on, so I’m using a diode to connect them.
I was seeking the 1N4005 diode, which is shown in most designs. I couldn’t locate that particular one. 1N4001 and 1N914 were the ones I found. The 1N4001 is rated at 50 volts. 1A, and I’m not sure what the numbers are on the others.
Will 1N4001 work in place of 1N4005 in any case?

Since this appears to be a car (and thus 12V) A 1N4001 should work fine. The parameter of concern is current rating, the bulbs themselves appear to draw between 4A and 8A, so the diode (at 1A) doesn’t have the current rating unless there is a relay driving the bulb.