Hardware problems

Hi guys, what should I put here with arduino and the power supply that output 5v and 20Ah; because in my opinion the LM2596 will be weak as its Maximum 3Ah and the power supply will be 20Ah.

It would be more useful to upload the sketch (the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) as pictures are basically useless. The S360 puts out 12V at up to 30A but doesn’t appear to connect to the Nano at all only the servos (which are presumably capable of running on12V which is somewhat unusual as servos are typically 5 or 6V but possible.) The 2596 will currently do nothing as it has no input voltage to do anything with as it appears to connect to ground and rst on the nano which won’t power it and has no connection out. Presumably you mean to connect the 2596 to 12 V from the S360 (which isn’t done in the picture) and use it to reduce 12 V to 7V to power the nano via the VIN pin (which is not what the picture shows!). As the nano likely takes less than 1A (600Ma or so if I recall correctly) that should work without problem if it is connected correctly. The current capability of the input power source doesn’t matter to the 2596, only the amount of current (less than 3A) it is being asked to output, as long as the input source can provide enough current (which the S360 certainly can) and its maximum output current of 3A isn’t exceeded.


20kg.fzz (34.5 KB)
could you edit it please?
By the way, I didn’t find 5v 20Ah power supply so I put that.

Here is a fixed up sketch. I replaced the power supply part (which has a number of problems) and cleaned up the routing to what I think is correct. You should check to see that it does what you expect.

20kg-fixed.fzz (46.3 KB)


will the power supply effect LM2596??

No, the part only had its errors removed it functions identically. You do need to make sure to adjust the 2596 output voltage to about 7V before installing the nano though.


Thanks for your time.