Grove - SPDT Relay(30A)

I made this mostly using the Adafruit eagle2fritzing converter then had to do some cleanup and make a few components.

Grove - SPDT Relay(30A).fzpz (18.1 KB)

This is my first part I’ve submitted. Let me know if I need to make some changes or corrections.

I use Fritzing for making diagrams and schematics of my projects to share with others so I only concentrate on the breadboard view and schematic but there is a pcb that eagle2fritzing made but I didn’t make any corrections or changes.



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Looks good in all three views. I assume the connector for the signals is 2mm (as I recall all the Grove parts are 2mm) as it isn’t on .1 in BB, but matching real life is good. Don’t see any problems.


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