Grove Beginner Kit - new Fritzing part

Hi - here’s a pointer for anyone wanting to work with the Seeed Studio Grove Beginner Kit in Fritzing. You can freely download a copy of the part from: Build-a-project —

We run the Biomaker initiative at the University of Cambridge - developing low-cost hardware and no-programming tools for joint biology and engineering projects. The Grove Beginner Kit is a great way to introduce microcontroller programming in an education/training programme - and Fritzing is excellent for producing educational material! We hope that the part is more widely useful - perhaps along with other resources on the Biomaker site (

Thanks to Kjell Mordenstern who helped with the commission to build the part.

Jim Haseloff

While not as easy as I hoped (Eagle2Fritzing looks to have issues with some of the paths)

it should be possible to manually correct them and make a part.


From the image, that looks like it is intended to to be ‘snap out’ pieces. If so, this should really be (up to) 11 separate parts, one of which looks like a shield.

While it sort of looks that way, from the manual it looks like there are internal connections which would break if you snapped it, but I agree schematic should have subparts very likely. It appears you should be able to use it as is without any jumpers from the manual.


This should do what you want. Note there is no pcb view as it isn’t useful, and schematic has subparts which means all the sensors can be moved along with the Arduino connectors and the central grove connectors like this:

default position

with sub parts moved

seeed-grove-beginner-kit.fzpz (90.5 KB)

the part takes a while to load because it is fairly complex.