Grove Base Hat - new part

please is possible made thi part?
Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

It is possible, but with a quick search I don’t find a mechanical drawing or even an flat image of the board to position the connectors. If you can come up with the position and connections of the connectors a part could be made.


Didn’t it have Eagle files on the website?

Good catch! Indeed at the bottom of the web page are eagle files. I’ll have a look at making a part from them.


This should do what you want. There is no pcb view as it isn’t useful and for reasons unknown eagle2fritzing didn’t include the indent (which is in the .brd file) in breadboard so the board is a rectangle.

Raspberry-Pi-Grove-Base-HAT-v1.0.fzpz (26.6 KB)