Ground planes and the schematic view

Hey all!

I am working on a LED array board and as you can imagine each of the 16 LED’s has a connection to ground. Fine, no problem of course, just run with the ground plane and save a lot of pointless tracery.

In the schematic view I have those legs connected to the ground terminal on my power jack… but that seems to create a problem. In the PCB view it shows as an un-routed net as well as leaving an open rats nest line.

Is there some way I am not seeing to let the schematic view know that a particular net will be connected via a ground plane?


Try this: in the pcb view, in the top menu bar under View, deselect Ratsnest Layer “third from the bottom” (the ratsnest will disappear). Then, right click on one of the LED’s cathodes or ground pin and click, Set Ground Fill Seed (only need one, they are all connected). Then set your Ground Fill.