Ground fill offset distance?

Would like to use ground fill on one side of my PCB, but B is +300vdc. Is offset distance enough to prevent arcing from the ground fill plane to the B+ lines?
If not- is there a way to increase the offset distance on ground fill operation?

I have not tried this, but the process should work. After getting everything but the ground fill where you want it, change the Keepout value in “Autorouter/DRC Settings” (from the Routing menu). On the initial popup window, select custom, then keepout (and more) can be changed. Check the result carefully, but I believe that the ground fill operation will use the keepout value.

That will NOT make sure that the B+ lines have the extra clearance from everything else. I do not know of a way to have Fritzing use a different keepout for specific traces. For Design Rules Checking.

Tried it- good suggestion-but that setting appears to modify warning parameters in the DRC as to what’s ‘too close’. Didn’t seem to affect the ground fill clearances…

If I was a software genius like ‘opera night’, I could probably modify the code and PRESTO!