Ground fill dashed lines

I have a question about Ground Fill.
Here is my circuit before ground fill. The 19 missing connections are all GND and all on the yellow (TOP) side.:

Then I select Ground FIll (Top).

It seems to have done a beautiful job. The ground fill bridges at each pad work better if there is not an existing trace to ground. However, all of the dashed lines indicating unrouted nets remain, and it still reports “19 connections still be routed”. However, a visual check of the ground plane reveals all ground pads are connected to the ground plane.

What am I doing wrong?

You should always route all your ground traces even when using ground fill. It will just cover all the traces with ground fill as if they are not there. By routing them you can be sure that all the parts you want grounded are actually grounded since Fritzing doesn’t actually care if ground fill is complete and acting as a trace. It simply fills in all the empty space with copper and connects to any net that has at least one ground seed. Also once you have the ground traces connected you only need to set the ground fill seed on a single connection that is part of the ground net you have created with traces.

Thank you. That’s what I wanted to know.