Grid visibility

Browsing this forum about this topic I only saw something about the grid visibility some years ago : 2016. But could not use that.
Is there a way to enhance the grid visibility or change its colour? I am facing problems with this, hardly can notice the grid. Or did I overlook another, more recent (than 2016)thread about this?

All I can see in View is that you can change the background colour. If you have snap on you don’t really need to see the grid because it will pull to the nearest junction.

Thanks Old_grey for your response. Although you are right in this, I still prefer to have the possibility to enhance the grid. Yes, if “snapping” is active you know that placing a component or trace will always be at grid but the moving around of a component to get the best place on a pcb is easier (for me) when the grid is more visible.
But this cannot be done, so be it…