Greetings to All!

Just joined, but I’ve been viewing the forum for a week or two. And I’ve been using Frizting for about a month or so.

A little about myself… I’m a software engineer and I’ve worked with embedded systems, casino gaming, GUI design and all kinds of peripheral devices, and most recently with full stack web design. I’ve also got a background in electronics, wire wrap(“old school” LOL) and PCB design. Although my PCB experiences were when red & blue mylar tape was the way it was done (before PC layout programs! LOL). So I’m really looking forward to diving into the capabilities of Fritzing!


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Welcome, feel free to ask questions as frtizing has a few quirks which are poorly documented but over all works very well…


Thanks! I’ve noticed one or two… but they’re not difficult to work around.

The biggest trap is make sure wires are connected in SCH view, and not just sitting on top of each other.

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Thanks for the tip Old_Grey! I’ll keep that in mind.

Yeah it’s a bit of a trap because things don’t auto connect just because they are touching.

I just joined. And I am a manufacturing engineer. Wow you are sw/hw engineer. That is great!

Greetings for the day!!! I am a software engineering with a company that manufactures and exports Science lab instruments and equipment. I am looking forward to lots of quality discussions here on Fritzing

Laboratory Glassware Manufacturer

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Welcome to the fritzing forum!

We hope you enjoy it, if you have question related to the software, feel free to ask :smiley: