GP2Y1010AU0F Sharp dust sensor

GP2Y1010AU0F Sharp dust sensor:

Sharp Dust Sensor.fzpz (17.5 KB)

Just wondering if you are good at making parts, because it needs a few touch ups.

The biggest problem is that the silkscreen is in the copper, so it will get cut out in production.

I took a quick look at it… It look to me like the pins in the schematic view were misplaced/mislabeled… and no connector##terminals

There is quite a bit more than what I mentioned - it has that evil white silk :smile_cat: also -, but if he isn’t an expert we will have to do it.


Fixed the silkscreen/copper issue.
Please take a look.

Connections in the schematic were fixes. Let me know if it’s still wrong.

Opps. It looks the the PCB svg is of a plug, and not a board mounting footprint. I suppose it doesn’t need to exist, but I don’t know what FZ would do with no PCB svg, or it can just be an outline of the whole part with some mounting holes.