GitHub 1.0.0 (and later) download and compile

So, I am not here to argue about this paywall. What I would like some help with, is for someone to explain how to get this latest version from GitHub and compile it. I keep seeing "USE Github, download a compiled version/release or compile the source for yourself, it’s so simple… ", but actually no, it’s not so simple. And even those that have compiled it say so. Many are not going to know how to compile such a thing, so why not help that side of the community?

I have downloaded the Master from Git, is that what I need? If so, now what? If not, what branch do I need?

Simple is not how I would describe building it. I prefer to pay the fee and download a working build, but have (although not in the last few years) built from source before. If you search for “compile” in the forum you will see a number of articles on compiling but none of them are recent because no one that actually contributes documentation (the number of whom are very small) has updated anything (including me!) There are also compiling instructions on the blog on github but I don’t know that they have been updated recently either. Very few people actually compile from source (probably because it requires a fair amount of knowledge and is not easy) so there isn’t much incentive to produce documentation with all the other things that need doing.


What’s the name of the branch for 1.0? I am just trying to find this info so I can update that info on Git. I am more than willing to contribute (I have before), so by all means, guide me in the right direction if you can.

I am not part of the development team, and thus don’t know whether the code on github has been updated yet (it doesn’t appear so to me, but I could be wrong.) Apparently for cost issues with github development is proceeding on a local repository and needs to be moved to github after a release. I would rather see the developers focus on development not necessarily on updating the public repository, as a very small portion of the user base builds from source, so the best bang for the buck is for development to proceed (and the developers are being paid as I understand it, from the proceeds from the donations,) but some disagree (usually by demanding time expensive work that they don’t volunteer to do which would reduce the amount of development done.) I think a series of releases after 5 or more years of no releases speaks for itself (it certainly does to me!) and am happy to see things continue as they are. Meanwhile I will continue what I am good at which is making new parts, development isn’t my forte it appears (currently that is a part for one of the new Arduinos …)