Git parts pull requests not being approved

I have two long-standing pull requests (#56 and #60) outstanding that have not been approved since the final revisions went in on 19th July. I had received some feedback from el-j and others, improved and re-committed the parts to fix the problems, but I have had no further feedback. Can anyone please enlighten me as to what is wrong?

I think things just happen slowly.

I made a part 12 months ago that appeared in v0.9.3, but in the meantime I revised it 6 months ago and it still hasn’t been updated.

Plenty of other parts have been approved (including some of mine I think), it’s just these two that are stuck and nobody is telling me why. One of them is really useful to everyone (those quad logic gate chips) and which IIRC you and I both spent a lot of time getting right. The other I really need because it lives in the same bin as the next set of parts I intend to make. If I go ahead and do them without it, the merge may get messy. Plus the new part needs the old.