Getting started, capacitor connections

Hi, Just got started with Fritzing. I made a simple schematic for a hit and hold solenoid driver.
Just a 14V source, capacitor and resistor in parallel, and a diode around the leads to the solenoid.
When I go to BB and arrange the parts, make connections, the schematic seems to change.
When I’m finished with the BB and “all connections routed”, I go back to the schematic. It
complains about “one more connection needs routing”. It seems that it wants me to put a
wire “across” the capacitor. Seems kind of strange! Is this a bug from jumping back and
forth between BB and schematic? Or am I maybe doing something in wrong order?

Kind regards,
Gregg G.

Well, your capacitor on the BB is the wrong way around.
But apart from that, it looks like a bug to me.
Because routing the PCB view works without Fritzing on shorting the capacitor.

That stripboard image shows both connectors of J1 connecting directly to pins on the power sources. To match that on the schematic, Fritzing shows a ratsnest wire across either C1 or R1. You need to either change the layout in the bb view, or cut the 2nd trace between J1 and the power source.

Doh, yes, of course, what microMerlin says.
Still, that capacitor needs to be flipped on the strip board, me thinks.

Ah, okay, I see it now! I’m a real newbie at this and so didn’t notice the “extra” connection.
Once I cut the extra trace and flipped the cap, the schematic looks good!

Thanks so much @flaix and @microMerlin! This is a great tool!

Kind regards,
Gregg G.