Getting export breadboard wire connection points

Hi my friends,
Nowadays I am working on a project , therefore i need some information from wiring. For example , we put bread board and some components on breadboard screen. we used wire to connect them , after whole arrangements, i need to know which wire pins connected to which breadboard pins . could i export it or other ways( With xml or other ways.)
Another thing , after getting this nodes , i want to produce automatic arduino code at code side. For example , one arduino uno and one led on the breadboard, the connection wire connect d1 pin of arduino to 1A breadboard pin and another wire connect to 1B to 10C which stay led pin on 10E ,11E and finally another wire connect from 11A to arduino GND. After getting this information I want to generate some automatic arduino code to load easily to arduino board.
Are there any way to do such a thing? could you directed to me in which way i have to stary to go and find to do them . Actually I can manuplate codes but i cannot know where should i start…

I expect that one of File->Export->xml netlist or File->Export->Spice netlist would be the place to find such information. The generating code from a random netlist is likely to be much harder I expect. Fritzing won’t do it so you would need to find something external that could.


Actually, I get it that i cannot deliver what i need to you , let me describe it in detail please,

as you see in that below picture img1 while using wire tool ui show us mouse hover on which pin. In that example 3A,

After that , If we continue to draw wire , you will see another information below picture Img2. The wire connected 3A to 16C as popup information. And after export it as netlist xml there are no information in it about that.

Than , if wee put two pcs resistor on the breadboard, we could see something on the xml file like below picture Img3, It says us which pin of component connected to which pin of the other component. which is cool.

However I need that actually , some thing like that…
wire1-> 3A - 16C
R1 -> 16D-20D

i need that information actually. I know fritzing save that from inside but if we able to get it , that will caused good thing.

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I do not think there is any way to export that information from the current version of Fritzing. What I understand, is that Fritzing treats connections through a breadboard as continuations of the wires. It does not report (export) that any more than it does bends in a wire. A Fritzing document is stored as xml, so there are tools outside of Fritzing that could process the file, but it would not be trivial to generate the list you want.

While saying that “Fritzing document is stored as xml” that means could i decode *.fzz file to get this information ?if yes how ?

The .fzz is actually a zip file that contains (potentially) multiple file. One of them will be a “.fz” file, which is the uncompressed sketch file. You could open the .fz file with a standard text editor to look at the content, but you really need to process it using an xml library. After figuring out how the details you want are stored in there.

Thanks My friend, thanks a lot, the *.fz file not *.fzz contains whole information what i need … thanks my friend , i will send first part of what i am doing to you. The time came , i will keep in touch with you.

Best regards.