.fzz file website view


Is there any way to view/display a .fzz file on a website? Would love to display it directly instead of manually exporting as an image whenever a file is changed.

Hope you can help!

  • Simone

I don’t know of a web site view, but it is possible to run Fritzing in server mode (although I have never done so.) I don’t know that it will output the screens, but it appears to perhaps produce svg files that could possibly be scripted in to a web page. What documentation there is is here in the part file format document.


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Thank you! I’ll check it out :smiley:

If you get it to work tell us how :slight_smile: I suspect others may be interested. I think your best bet would be to get it to export the sketch as an svg, although I don’t know how it will decide what the scale should be (what you want is to adjust the scale to the edge of the sketch but I don’t know if it will do it.) You will probably have to experiment because I’m not aware of any more documentation than the part file format. Hopefully someone else has used it and may reply, but I think most of the folks that might have no longer post. I also just noticed while reading the part file format that it can convert Kicad footprints. I may poke at that to see if it still works!