FZPZ for modules: power SM-014 & MAX31855 simple

Hi folks,
sorry if my question is absolutely stupid.
I spend tons of hours googling but still can’t find fzpz files for the following modules:

GERI AC-DC power module:

MAX31855 Thermocpule - basic version:

Have I missed something? I can’t believe I’m the first who want to use it in my project.

Thank you very much for advice,

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The MAX31855 Thermocpule should be in Fritzing… just enter MAX31855 into the search box and hit enter. The AC-DC power module may need to be drawn up.

The MAX31855 appears to be in the adafruit fritzing library (which isn’t loaded by default in Fritzing but is available as a bin on github). For the power supply this should do. As always you need to verify the pcb foot print against a real part as I don’t have one.

sm-014.fzpz (13.7 KB)


Hi Peter,
thank you very much for sm-014.fzpz, it helps a lot.

Ad of MAX31855 module, there are more versions on the market. Unfortunately, the basic plate, which contains only MAX31855 (it has only 5 pins, not six), is not included in the adafruit fritzing library.

The basic plate is:

The extended one, which is included is:

Is there any way hot to obtain fzpz for the basic MAX31855 plate?

Thank you,

Doesn’t look easy. There is no mechanical drawing that I can see on the net (not uncommon for these) for the 5 pin version. Without that or an example to measure there isn’t a way to cut down the adafruit part (which would be relatively trivial). Unless you need pcb view (in which case you need the exact dimensions) the adafruit one should serve as it has most of the needed connections (I assume Vin is probably VCC on your module).