.fz file reads in Fritzing with an error "fritzing analyse fout (1) op lijn 1, kolom 1: error occurred while parsing element"

AsusN552.fz (191.9 KB)
Hello, is there anyone who can translate this file into a working Fritzing file (.fzz), or extract a net- and part list, for altium designer or any other major electronic design file.

Probably not as this doesn’t appear to be a .fz file (which is xml), nor does it appear to be a valid zip file.


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a proper .fz file looks like this:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<module fritzingVersion="">
    <board moduleId="TwoLayerRectanglePCBModuleID" title="Rectangular PCB - Resizable" instance="PCB1" width="8.46667cm" height="5.64444cm"/>

unless there is an odd utf encoding on the original file that I’m missing.