Funky part: "sparkfun mosfet (n channel)"

Hello all! I wanted to use this TO-92 N-channel MOSFET I found in Fritzing parts search, but the pinout, icon (‘P’ when it’s ‘N’?) and other attributes are weird. I tried to reassign pins and such in parts editor, but I can’t seem to select the terminals in PCB view, and the ones in schem view don’t look right when I save it. Can I get some help in getting this part useful for common MOSFETs such as the 2N7000 with typical pinout 1-Source 2-Gate 3-Drain? I wouldn’t ask before trying, but I’m not getting something here. Thanks!

PS: If there is another TO-92 N-ch part somewhere I can just grab that’s correct, that’s fine also; I just haven’t found one. :neutral_face: I also see that this issue was raised last year, but no responses so far.

This is a bendable leg part so parts editor won’t edit it, you need to modify the underlying files. I’ll have a quick bash at it since I’m familiar with editing bendable leg parts after parts editor has mashed them up :slight_smile: .

Edit: It was actually worse than I thought, however try this one as it should be correct and the bendable legs will work again.

MOSFET-NCHANNEL_fixed.fzpz (6.4 KB)


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@vanepp - awesome, thanks! I usually like bendable legs, but not this time… lol.

It is a reasonably simple edit to remove the bendable legs if you prefer that (although the other tO92 parts all seem to be bendable legs).


Thanks @vanepp, I was looking for the same part and ended up here.

I’ve updated the icon to match the breadboard view (N instead of P) so it looks the same in the parts bin and on the breadboard (updated file attached.) That’s the only change in this version (I hope!)
MOSFET-NCHANNEL_fixed_icon.fzpz (6.6 KB)