Fritzing wants to bridge my resistors


I’m a newbie to electronics and Fritzing, but I don’t understand what’s happening here. Fritzing insists that I should bridge the resistors on my PCB, which doesn’t make any sense.

This is the breadboard-view, which is exactly what I have running in hardware here (image will follow in reply)

Even here, it says that I should bridge the switches…

What’s going on? What am I doing wrong?

When I use smaller 6mm switches that fit on one side of the breadboard, all is fine, but I need the bigger ones for my PCB.

Thanks for any help!

Resistors do not have a plus and minus side, but the leads ARE unique. You probable have them turned around on one view compared to the other.

This is a symptom that often occurs when directly creating traces (wires) on more than one view. The (safe) recommendation is to create the circuit completely in only one view, then use the ratsnest wires as a guide in other views. Do not create new connections, just complete and route wires where Fritzing shows connections are needed. I suggest going to one of the views (probably pcb), then on the routing menu, select all traces, and delete them. See if the ‘bridges’ go away, but the ratsnest wires are connecting to the opposite ends of the resistors from where you have them currently wired. Rotate the parts to get best alignment.

If that is not enough information, you can upload the current version of the sketch here. Snapshot images do not really show what is stored in the document.