Fritzing PCB for MetroM0 Express


I am new to using fritzing.

I am looking to make a shield for my metro M0 express by adafruit. I did find and download for adafruit fritzing library.

My problem is that the metro M0 express has pads on the PCB view but I want though holes with copper like PCB view of the basic metro board or any Arduino board for that matter. I orginally thought i could just use the basic board to make the pcb but then i realized that Analog 4 and 5 are also SCL and SDA. I am using both I2c and A4 and A5 on my M0 express.

Is there a way I can edit the PCB view of the metro M0 express or is there an updated library for the metro M0 express?

Fritzing parts can be copied and modified. The process to get it right is finicky and not trivial. But definitely possible.

Depending what you really need, it is also possible to add pads and holes directly on the pcb view, without changing the part. In the parts window, select the “CORE” bin. Scroll down to the bottom, and have a look at the parts for “PCB view”. From your description, the “Hole” and “Pad” parts could do what you want.

If by “make a shield”, you mean design and create a pcb to be used as a shield, you may not need a modified part at all. In “CORE” parts, “Connection” section is a generic female header. The image looks like a single square, placing it gets 2 pins, but number of pins, form, pad shape, spacing, and more can all be changed using the Inspector window. A couple of rows of headers could provided the basic layout needed for the pcb. Though this way is more work to track which pin is supposed to have which function and connections. Connecting the header pins to the M0 in schematic view could help with that. Just ignore the ratsnest lines between the header and M0 part in pcb view when doing the trace layout. Keep the M0 part off of the pcb, so that Fritzing will not actually attempt to connect traces from the part to the headers (if doing any Autorouting).

EDIT: for layout purposes, an UNO R3 board part might also get what you want.

thank you for the info, that helps a bunch

I’m making a new batch of faster simpler vids - one is at the bottom -, but if you want part making vids they are here.

This series of tutorials may be useful as well as it describes changing an existing part in to something else: