Fritzing Part of an ESP32

I need a Fritzing Part of an ESP32 board.

Anyone interested in creating it for remuneration?


@avoletta, Does it need to be this particular dev board? I just posted one, the ESP32S-HiLetgo ESP32S-HiLetgo Dev Boad with Pinout Template, I believe they both have the same pinout (38 pins), just the dev board in the picture is a little wider. The schematic would be the same file I would need to move a row of pins on the pcb and draw a new ESP32 dev board for the breadboard file.

This fit perfectly!

My board is also a bit wider than the standard one
(there’s only one empty line left on the breadboard and not two).

Many thanks @steelgoose

Same issue, same board. 1.5 years after original post so I figured the part is not coming and made it myself by modifying Stephen Lilley’s HiLetgo ESP-WROOM-32 ESP32 ESP-32S Development Board.

Note that the pin next to “V5” is marked GND but it’s not ground; like the HiLetgo, that pin is GPIO11.



ESP32-38PinWide.fzpz (40.3 KB)