Fritzing part L9110H motor driver

Hello Guys,
does someone have a fritzing part for the L9110 motor driver or know where i can find one?
Its this one:


There is a dual channel driver module in parts-submit, but it doesn’t look like the chip is around anywhere. The easy way to make one is to copy in the generic IC from core parts in to your sketch and edit the pin labels to match the chip. That will look pretty similar to a custom part (which is somewhere between trivial for me and difficult if you aren’t experienced with making parts.)


alright…how do i edit the pin labels?

With a generic IC loaded in to schematic (any view should do but schematic is probably easiest), click on the generic IC which will bring it up in Inspector (lower right window,) In Inspector click on edit pin labels enter your desired pin labels and press save. Change the chip label field in inspector to L9110H and you should be done.


Hope it helps l9110h.fzpz (5.4 KB)