Fritzing part for Right Angle PCB Mount BNC Jack

Is there a Fritzing part for a right angle, thru hole PCB mount BNC jack?

If possible, the model pin connections should line up with the holes in Fritzing Breadboard.

The figure below shows a representative model for this type of connector. However the mounting pins on the selected BNC jack will have to be changed so that they align with, and mount the jack to the Fritzing Breadboard if possible.


Thank you

There doesn’t appear to be such a part. To create one we would need the data sheet with dimensions for the part that you want. In general if the actual part doesn’t align to the breadboard (such as SMD parts) they are represented in breadboard by an adapter board that converts them to DIP.


Thank you Peter. I will look at a selection of BNC jacks to find one that is not too expensive, and comes close to lining up with the holes on the Breadboard.

I’ll be back to you once I have such a jack along with a PDF drawing for same.

Peter: I find that the Amphenol part number 112412 connector can be used. The connections at the rear of this connector are 100 mils apart, and it sells for less than $5 at Digikey.

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Here is a picture of the connector:


I’m trying to upload the PDF drawing for this connector:

It appears as thought I have succeeded.

This part should do what you want.

bnc-ra.fzpz (3.8 KB)


Yes . . .

Thank you.