Fritzing part for QF 40 pins


The worst part about friting is that the exact pin ic you need is not there, but so much others are there. Can some one please help me with making QFN 40 for XR10910

I too need a qfn40. Please can someone help ?

There are different size QFN-40 so you’ll have to provide a link to the exact datasheet.

Here is the link

I think this footprint should do you. As always before ordering boards check the footprint against a real part. This is a generic 40 pin IC with the qfn40 footprint in pcb. You would need to add a breadboard view and add the pin names in schematic view.

xr10910_qfn40.fzpz (10.7 KB)


Thanks a ton! Did you just create it ? How did you make the part so quickly ?

Once you get past the learning curve of making parts, it is reasonably easy to make parts. In this case I started from a generic 40pin dip, changed the metadata in parts editor then exported the part. That creates the connectors needed in all the views. Then I opened the pcb svg and added the smd pads then moved the connectors ids to the new pads and deleted the original pads. That doesn’t take all that much time if you know what you are doing.