Fritzing Part for MAX485 CD4069

Hi all, great to be part of this community, I wish you all well.

I need help to get fritzing part MAX485 CD4069 RS-485 to TTL converter.

Here is the reference:

Anyone have any source to this part? If not maybe have to create a new one.

Thank you very much.

A google search for “fritzing part max485 cd4069 rs485 to ttl converter” turns up a few hits.


Hi Peter,

I did tried to search on Google for the part but the part is for the MAX485 breakout board with DI DE RE RO / VCC B A GND.

The one I’m looking for have these pins: VCC TXD RXD GND / A B SC

I think I have done my best to look for it but I still haven’t found any yet.


Then you need to provide a web site with mechanical and connector data for the module that you want. The picture above isn’t much use in making a part as it has no mechanical data such as dimensions.


Sorry I got caught up with something else just now.

This is the website for the breakout board module, it has a reverse engineered schematic for the breakout board:

Below is the outside dimension of the breakout board.

Let me know if you need more information, thanks.

This is a more useful site for the necessary data:

specifically this image which gives the layout of the board flat suitable for importing in to Inkscape to lay out the part (the dimensions are in another image.) This is the type of information needed to make a part.


This part should do what you want

max485-cd4069-module.fzpz (11.2 KB)


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Hi Peter,

Sorry for the later response, I am out of town these couple of days.

Thank you for your kind effort. I will take note on the advise for future posts.