Fritzing part for a 4700 uFd electrolytic with snap in terminals

Is there a Fritzing circuit part for an 4000 uFd electrolytic capacitor with snap in leads?


Likely no. There are an infinite number of capacitors so Fritzing has generics. If the generic won’t do (such as you need to pcb mount it) a custom part or (much easier) use a generic cap and use the core/pbb hole icon to make and connect pads in pcb view in the sketch. Fritzing won’t auto connect to the pins without a custom part but you can manually route to them (after dragging the real cap pins outside the board so they don’t appear in the gerbers) to manually make the connections.


Thank you Peter. I am making a PCB for a DC power supply. The method you are suggesting is much like my plans for placing a hole pattern onto the PCB using an SVG drawing from Visio.

In this case, I will use a female header part with one hole, and make the hole diameter as specified by the capacitor drawing. I’ll define two such holes with the specified spacing from the capacitor drawing as well.

Using the female header part will simplify each hole connection to the rest of the circuit.

I’ll let you know how this turns out

Peter: I can see clearly now. Following your instructions in an earlier posting, I created the PCB mounting hole patterns for the electrolytic capacitor and the right angle PCB mount BNC jack in Visio. I then converted the Visio drawing files into SVG images. I loaded these two images into a Fritzing PCB window as shown.


For connectivity, I loaded vias into this window, as shown. By sizing the vias correctly, I was able to drag them over the holes each image drawing.

The figures on the right show traces running from each via to the female header part to indicate electrical connection from the part to another part on the PCB.

Thank you for your support in your past postings to me!