Fritzing pallette for inkscape

I created a pallete file for inkscape
very basic to start with and see if this actually can be usefull

Fritzing Palette
Name: Fritzing
Columns: 8
# generated by ...
  0   0   0  #000000 silkscreen
140 140 140  #8C8C8C legs
154 145 108  #9A916C contacts
247 189  19  #F7BD13 copper
255 255 255  #FFFFFF Fritzing white
242 198  00  #F2C600 copper top
242 173  00  #F28A00 copper bottom
 15 115 145  #0F7391 Arduino blue

Please let me know what other colours should be in there and their respective values
and I’ll add them to this list.

If you want to try it, copy and paste above codes into a textfile and name it ‘fritzing.gpl’

Put the file in the inkscape pallete folder

Ubuntu users place it in /home/[your user account]/.config/inkscape/palletes

now open inkscape and select the pallete you just created

There is a Fritzing Graphic Standards at this link:

yes that where i took them from.

drawing wirecolors doen’t seem to make much sense in inkscape

but having default pcb colour might be nice
or the orange bottomlayer colour
but i haven’t come accross them yet…

I just found Arduino blue?

 15 115 145  #0f7391 Arduino blue`

but can this be considered to be THE Ardruino blue?

What red is Sparkfun red?
Basic PCB “FR4” green

 255 255 255  #ffffff Fritzing white
242 173  00  #F28A00 copper bottom
242 198  00  #F2C600 copper top
00 00 00  #000000 drill hole in <g id=copper><circle><g>