Fritzing online?

I’m a french STEM teacher, creator of Blockly@rduino, and I wonder how to create schematics like I do with Fritzing, but embedded in webpage ?
I’ve found this project :
It works well, very kind with kids, but do you have something like that in progress ???
Or if something know something else, it would be very useful.

Thanks !

I can’t help with directly showing schematics online, but I have been manually creating web pages from Fritzing Output. Go to whatever view you want, then File ¦ Export ¦ Image As and pick a file type and name. The created file is valid to include as an html img. I have been working with svg exports, because I like the scaling without pixelization. However, I have needed to do manual cleanup for that, since some content is getting dropped or incorrectly rotated and offset. Sample png and jpeg exports have not had any problem.

Seems this project is early beta. It’s somehow nice, but functionality is not as bid as offline Fritzing.
I think I’ll back to it in a few mounts and see what would happen.